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Increased Sense Of Spirituality
There is a very strong movement today towards understanding your spiritual self.
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Quotes Of Loving Each Day
Every day I receive an email from “Loving Each Day – Reflections on the Spirit Within”. I find them inspirational and often useful with strong “life” messages. I will share some with you and perhaps you may feel the same way – if so, then you can Subscribe to “Loving Each Day”. The quotations come mostly from John Roger and where they are not from him I will include the name of the author.
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The Movement Of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA)
I contend that any spiritual search for God that happens anywhere in humanity, no matter what might be the religious framework of that search, is a search for the same thing that everybody else is looking for. This applies whether we want to reach out for God or whether we want to simply wait for God. It also applies if we believe that God is within us all.
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