Prosperity and Abundance

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Improved Prosperity
Prosperity appears to be one of the main focal points of today's society.
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Mastering Abundance and Prosperity Mindset Part 1
This includes considering your beliefs, values, understandings, expectations, intentions, decisions, and other internal structures of your mind that make up your wealth reality, before you even look at money - and the great thing is that you can Retrain your Brain to achieve what you desire.
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Mastering Abundance and Prosperity Mindset Part 2
One of the most fantastic pieces of scientific research (reported on in Dr Joe Dispenza’s book Evolve Your Brain) is not only that cells which “Fire together will wire together” but the opposite, being – “if cells are not fired they drop away”.
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Taking Responsibility
When we use the word responsibility, we simply mean you have the ability to respond. There is no doubt that every aspect of Prosperity involves Taking Responsibility.
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The Most Memorable Australian Heritage Tour Overseas
From the end of March until the beginning of October 1918, the AIF achieved its greatest victories south of the Somme River and ever eastward against the retreating Germans.
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