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Some Tips on Weight Release
Use Positive Words of Reinforcement You probably know why I use the word "release" ! You don't? Well what do you do when you lose something ... anything? Yes, that's right, "find it again"! So the weight loss industry is self perpetuating - you lose a few kilos and then find it again. What I say is that the "Weight Release" industry is the best one ... let it go ... released! So I class "lose" as a negative word - one that you can avoid. Remember the work of Professor Roger Sperry, (who in 1981 won the Nobel Prize for identifying the functions of the Left and Right Brain) he proved (prior to 1981) that negative thoughts attract negative thoughts, which leads to negative action and negative reaction. We have over 60,000 thoughts a day, so let's be aware of them and keep them positive.
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Weight Release
Feeling good about your physical appearance is one of the most fundamental components of personal self-confidence and self-esteem. Learn the process of healthy weight release and how this can benefit you in your goal to weight loss.

I have an extremely busy schedule - am often stressed and feel angry, and I know that I don't like myself. I am reading "Piece Of Mind" and am just beginning to realise that my weight issue could be caused through my lack of self esteem. Any hope for me? Could you suggest a program

Of course there is hope - you are the one identifying the issues and that's the beginning. As you said the  weight gain may be caused by a self esteem issue plus stress and perhaps anger or frustration.  With your busy schedule are you watching the sorts of things you're eating and having time for a regular exercise regime? Daily walking is a good idea.

A possible program I could suggest for you would be: 

1. You already have "Piece of Mind" book so read the book and do the exercises. Keep practising getting to your "Peaceful Place" fast (which of course is explained in the book). Do you have a clear Peaceful Place? Consistency and making time for yourself is important.

2. Buy the tape "A Peaceful Place No. 8 - Weight Release" - Do side 1 of this tape and then do side 2 every day (you will be doing side 2 of this tape whilst you are reading and doing the exercises from Piece of Mind - my guess is that you would do this for about a month and use side 2 of this tape 3 times a day for a month and then only once a day.

3. It is important to clarify the self esteem issue - identify it - and work with it. Please call me so that we can chat before I suggest what you do.

I have not addressed relaxation - as of course this will come automatically by using the tapes.

I recently spoke to you regarding difficulties I was having during meditation. I started the weight release program two weeks ago weighing 70kgs and as of today have not released any weight. I have been meditating twice daily ( find it hard to fit three in every day). Whilst seeing myself at my ideal weight I definitely feel the emotion of how wonderful it is to be at my ideal weight. I also apply my anchor (word) at the height of these emotions. I am still having trouble sitting still and have a tendency to lose focus. Could this be the reason for no results? I also have your books and have read them. I would really appreciate some advise as to what I'm doing (right or wrong). This weight problem I have has always been a huge issue for me. I am sure it is a form of protection I felt I have needed since I was nine years of age (which was when sexual abuse commenced). Hence my anchor word is SECURE. While I have done a lot of work with this problem and am at good place with my past, I have to wonder whether this is still holding me back and not allowing me to release the need to protect myself. I would value your thoughts on this matter. 

I think you have a lot of awareness and insight to the main issue that would definitely be contributing to the weight you carry right now. It is a known fact that people use "weight" to protect themselves. In fact, I believe you may be perpetuating this, by using the word "secure" when you're talking about your Emotional Anchor. In other words, every time you use your Anchor, you are in fact reminding yourself of the issue that happened when you were 9 years old. It is important to move on from this. 

One of the things that I really believe is that you need to Congratulate yourself about the fact that you really have come to the awareness that weight is not the issue (although it's the end result), it's most probably the CAUSE of the weight - protection - from your childhood trauma.

Now, how to overcome the CAUSE of the weight. I really believe that if there is any anger, hatred, hostility, resentment, blame, revenge ... and more ... within this matter, that these are the ones that need to be addressed. Generally speaking I recommend the processes of Acceptance, Co-operation, Unconditional Love, and Forgiveness. These are precisely the steps that I used myself. All these issues need to be addressed in meditation. You have already read the book "Switch On to Your Inner Strength" and this is the book where I discuss these sorts of issues. My tapes (and now CDs), such as "Letting Go Anger", "Forgiveness", "Inner Peace & Harmony" can be very helpful. Together with this, it is really important that you examine your self-talk and the way you think about these issues. Remember, negative thoughts attract negative thoughts.

I have discussed with you on the telephone, the thoughts that may come up for you whilst you're eating, for example, always sitting down when you're eating, putting your knife & fork down between each mouthful, chewing until the food is liquid, when you don't serve yourself - leaving a little bit on the plate (smile when you think of the familiar saying - "to feed the hungry millions in the World"). Remember to increase your metabolic rate by "turning down" your hypothalimus gland - by visualisation, in meditation. If most of the above thoughts are current in your mind, then take note of them, and do them. In addition, you can now look at what you feed yourself (cutting down on fats and excess sugars and carbohydrates) and increasing your exercise. Even committing to half an hours walking each day will help. Keep up this regimen and it will work. Keep doing this, while you address the trauma in your life. If you're able to attend one my seminars I think it could be really helpful.

My goal is to release weight, but I feel that my eating (too much) and exercising (not enough) habits are what caused my extra weight in the first place. Should changing those things be my goals instead of "weight release"

Keep doing your long term weight release goal – being well worded - using positive, personal language and a realistic time frame. The changing of the other habits – amounts eaten and time exercising – can be incorporated into the visualisation/imaging part of the exercise, eg. Imaging yourself leaving food on the side of the plate; standing on the scales weighing ...… ; enjoying a brisk walk in the mornings; wearing the new outfit. I recommend you do the weight release goal 5 times a day really use your imagination and visualisation achieving your goal. 2 to 3 times a day do the tape or CD PP8 Releasing Weight which incorporates real habit changes. Don't force yourself to do exercise - what will happen as you do the goal will be that you want to exercise each day.  The same thing happens with food intake - it will get less.

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