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Be Aware - You may be Addicted to Stress
I have, up until recently, repeatedly used phrases such as "I don't have time to do ...." or "What a waste of time that would be" or "Give me a break ... how will I ever have the time." Yes, that's right, it was a habit with me. So was my automatic reaction. I would react in various ways and my mind would race thinking about all the things I have to do. I would raise my voice in conversation. I would make mistakes - perpetuating the cycle of lack of time. And ... more. All this contributed to stress. My body and mind were addicted to "the reaction" (automatic action) when I constantly referred to time as an enemy. Without my conscious knowledge my body craved the reactions it went through when I spoke negatively about time. My body was addicted to the reactions it went through.
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Conquering Stress
An Article titled Pressure Points: How One Man Conquered Extreme Stress by David Wilson was published in the Small Business Section of the Age Newspaper in Melbourne on the 10 November 2010.
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Improved Ability To Sleep (Overcoming Insomnia)
If our ability to sleep becomes disturbed, our health and emotional balance are affected resulting in physical fatigue, irritability and increased susceptibility to illness. Learn about how we develop sleeping disorders and how to overcome insomnia.
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Let Go Stress
A recent article by John-Roger about being part of the solution rather than the problem, when dealing with stress, sets the stage for today's E-Report. The article commenced "In today's world, high stress levels and violence are a big part of today's conversation. Everywhere we look, it seems there's another story about stress in the job, road rage, global warfare, or economic concerns. Yet these are not what most people really want in their lives or in the world. I often talk with friends and family about how to approach life with peace and calm. When life seems out of control, we need to identify ways to take care of ourselves and support ourselves. When we are supporting ourselves, we can become part of the solution in any situation we face rather than 'exploding' and being part of the problem."
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Managing Stress (Improving Relaxation)
Learn about the process of "fight or flight response" originates and how it affects your body and mind. This article will provide general understanding on topic of improving relaxation and stress management.
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Overcoming Anxiety & Fear
Learn about origins of Fear and Anxiety and how to over come this. We can all experience different fears and anxieties in many different ways, yet there is a common factor behind most of our fears or our anxiety - the way they are formed. Fear and Anxiety can be resolved.
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Reflection Time and Stress Release
Rush, rush …. Hurry, hurry ….. Job Stress! Work Stress! Bank Stress! Money Stress! Children Stress! Education Stress! Is this how life seems for you sometimes – will stress never end? Too many demands on your time and your brain is probably on overdrive. How can we slow down and smell the proverbial roses. Meditation is the key and once you become a devotee I guarantee it will change your life for the better. I’ve said before, and many have proven it to be true, that the benefits of even a short time meditating each day are cumulative – the more you do it the better you will feel, and the easier it will become.
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Some New Science About Stress
Many of you may have may have read or heard what we have all suspected for some time, 'Research Confirms Stress Makes You Sick' as reported in the Sydney Morning Herald on the 5 Dec 2005 and on the ABC Radio and as proven by two Australian Scientists at the Garvan Institute. I believe it is worth reproducing so here it is:-
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Stress - Will it Ever be Under Control?
Constant stress, fear, anger and negative thoughts take their toll on your mind, your body and those around you. You know that! Do you use the skills to handle it? The Fix ....
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Why Anxiousness Can Be a Habit
For a long time we have been hearing about the increase (or sometimes just the recognition) of depression in our society. In the Western World the number 1 cause of disability is depression. The 200th report by the National Institute of Mental Health, in the USA, says that the 5 anxiety disorders - general anxiety, panic disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and phobias afflict approximately 3 times as many Americans aged 18 years or older as depression. Yes anxiety disorders are more prevalent than depression! Why? What is going on?

Some days I've found myself at high levels of stress without realising it was happening, and I find the 30 second technique is not enough to release it. What can I do

If you find yourself at a very high level of stress (anxiety) it will take longer – maybe 10 to 20 minutes – to bring yourself down to desired levels. A meditation will really help (PP5 - Meditation)  If you find yourself already well above your stress limit, start using porpoising (going in and out of your Peaceful Place quickly) immediately to stabilise the level until you can get the 10 to 20 minutes you need to bring your stresses back down. If you suspect the day may be a tough one, start using the 30 second technique early on so the level doesn't get a chance to climb! Every time you go to your PP you release a little bit of stress - and that releasing is cumulative.

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