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Consider Charity
By way of introduction, I was asked at a recent Seminar in Armidale about my involvement with charities because this particular young lady had a group that made $50 per week which it would like to donate to a worthy cause. I have not spoken about my support for charities in an E-Report before and so I am taking this opportunity to do so.
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Donations to MiVAC Trust Have Assisted Clearing Landmines in Lao PDR
There is a picture below of a lady who is famous - or deserves to be! If you are not aware that I am the Patron of MiVAC (Mine Victims and Clearance), which is a charity started 9 years ago by the Aussie Tunnel Rats from the Vietnam War and you would like to find out then here are .....
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MiVACs Help is Heartwarming
You may know that I am the Patron of MiVAC which is a charity started 9 years ago by the Tunnel Rats from the Vietnam War. A member of MiVAC followed up the work of MiVAC at Kohai village where 3 school grounds had been cleared of Unexploded Ordinance (bombs and mines). Can you imagine any of our children playing in a school ground with bombs in it? What a difference has now been made! Read below Steve and Dorene Carroll's report of their work.
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Update On MiVAC's Humanitarian Project In Lao PDR
I recently visited our project in Laos and am back there again on 3 Nov 2012. This report is to inform you about a really worthwhile project to assist some of the Lao People who were nearly bombed out of existence (and whose country is now littered with millions of dangerous bombs) during the Secret War 1963 – 73.
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