Labour and Childbirth

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Handling the Labour of Childbirth
You may consider this to be a subject in which you have no personal interest. However, pause for a moment and consider that it may be relevant and even of vital interest to somebody close to you, either now or in the future. In addition to that thought, the concepts of using "Peaceful Place" are still applicable ... and the Success Stories at the end of the E-Report are interesting. So, please read on. Many new mothers-to-be have a difficult time giving birth to their baby. I have produced an active meditation CD, the aim of which is to assist childbirth by minimising pain and facilitating the birth. I like to use a different language ' minimising 'hurt' ' it's the hurt in the pain we want to release, not the pain signals which tell of the baby's imminent arrival. I want you to know that with any meditation you tend to relax, and so it is with active meditation. However, you need to combine relaxation with releasing hurt, making it a joyous, natural, positive experience where you are assisting your baby to be born.
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