Procrastination & Motivation

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Improve Concentration
Learn about how to improve focused concentration and the process of how your thoughts become distracted.
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Overcoming Procrastination
What is procrastination? Basically it is the desire on one level to do a task and then the refusal on another to actually do it!
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Overcoming Procrastination
I have often been asked how to overcome a habit of procrastination. My answer has been to set a goal on whatever you have been procrastinating about "doing" and then follow the 8-Step CALM Process for achieving goals, doing this over and over again in your subconscious mind. At the last CHI Seminar several participants wanted more than that answer as they were having challenges regarding procrastination as an issue in their lives. Questions arose such as "Why do we have procrastination?" and "What is it really?" and "How come it's a habit that is really holding me back?" Because this explanation was really relevant in the CHI Seminar I felt I needed to pass it on to others - hence this E-Report.
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Procrastination! Are You Majoring In The Minors?
Many, many years ago a wise and successful business leader said to a friend of mine - "You have great potential, but the problem hindering your progress and development is that you spend far too much of your time majoring in minors."
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Self Motivation
Motivation is the energising and control of purposeful behaviour towards specific goals. Motivation Seminar can help you become more motivated by teaching specific information and skills that lead you to discover your own self motivation, inner strength and power.

Can I use your techniques to become motivated

I really think that motivation is a matter of being able to motivate yourself.  Nobody can motivate you for more than a few days - it needs to last.  Of course sometimes something inspirational to an individual can spark that motivation, and perhaps my techniques may be helpful for that.  Principally, having a goal is what brings about motivation.  Actually what is happening when you're working towards your goal, is expanding your subconscious mind with the positive success of achieving the goal.  In turn this is increasing your Comfort Zone.  You can imagine that when you have your goal in your subconscious mind, you in fact will be feeling much, much better and motivation will flow.

How can I become motivated in my job

There are two ways of looking at a job.  One is that it's a means to an end so that in this way you gain satisfaction in your social life and what you do after work, knowing that during work you are using this as a stepping stone towards something else in your life.

Another way to look at it is that you love your work so that you barely even regard it as a job - it's life.

Attitude is what it's really about.  You can do the most boring work in the world with a great attitude and feel good about it.  You do this with goals and knowing where it's going to lead you.  Approach every day knowing that you're going to learn something that day, perhaps meet somebody interesting or have a positive influence on someone.

Also, work with goals - that's important, and ALWAYS keep your self talk positive.

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