Improved Prosperity


Prosperity appears to be one of the main focal points of today's society.

We could all do with having more money and there is very little that you can do without it! Prosperity for many people appears to be a measure of their self worth. The more money they have in the bank the better they feel about themselves as a person. Most people improve their position by being able to work smarter not harder. If this is something you could do, what area of your current ability to work would you like to improve? In my work I do not teach you financial skills, but I can show you how to become more:

  • Motivated towards your work.
  • Focused on the job at hand.
  • Creative in resolving business problems.
  • Able to relax and release stress.
  • Able to improve relationships with other people.
  • Able to change personal habits.
  • Effective in your learning.

By become more effective in these areas you will become more able to perform the work which you feel will lead you to greater prosperity.

You May Ask "How Effective Are These Techniques"?

Firstly you can request from us specific notes and testimonies about: motivation, creativity, releasing stress, improving relationships, changing habits and improving your ability to learn. Secondly here is a specific testimony from a seminar participant who has applied these skills directly to improving his prosperity.

Iain McLean Dear Sandy,

I have heard you are launching a corporate "In House" Training Program. There is much any small business, any profession and any large corporation can gain by accessing your techniques and self development principles. The rewards and benefits, not only for our business, but also what we have personally attained by practising the principles and techniques your seminars teach, are many.

However here are some:

  • Constructive meetings
  • Focused concentration
  • Better people skills
  • Speedier recall
  • Great memory recall
  • Increased health and fitness
  • Better goal focus
  • Speedier learning
  • Relaxed living
  • Creativity vastly increased.

We could certainly attribute our business expansion into 15 countries and turnover growth from $5 million to $60 million p.a. to using the techniques and principles you are teaching.

I believe that by using CALM Techniques the true wealth of any enterprise - that is their people - will enhance their lives, enrich their business or profession and instead of living to work they shall work to live!!!!

Have a Great Year ….. Regards

Iain McLean
Partnership McLean Pty Limited


So What is the Next Action Step that You Can Take?

CALM makes suggestions on how you can develop your skills in dealing with Improved Prosperity using Sandy MacGregor's low cost Tapes, Books, CDs, Videos and Seminars which have been utilised by thousands of people successfully since 1990.


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