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Every day I receive an email from “Loving Each Day – Reflections on the Spirit Within”. I find them inspirational and often useful with strong “life” messages. I will share some with you and perhaps you may feel the same way – if so, then you can Subscribe to “Loving Each Day”. The quotations come mostly from John Roger and where they are not from him I will include the name of the author.

 Changing Negativity

You can get out of any space that is not working for you. You can actually change the consciousness inside of you by going on what we call the mental diet.
What is the mental diet? For thirty days, if you will, do not entertain negative thoughts. Do not purposefully take negative thoughts inside of you and hold them in your mind or play around with them or go over and over them.
If a negative thought comes into your mind, immediately change the imagery from negative to positive, and let the thought go. Don't dwell on anything negative.
We rarely stay focused on an idea for three seconds before our attention spins off into other thoughts, often negative ones of depression, anxiety, rejection, and fear. Then the body tenses up.
Wouldn't it be nice if our bodies were relaxed and peaceful, our emotions joyful, and mentally we were free? Freedom isn't the license to do what you want, it's the ability to be who and what you are. Open to the essence of who you are, which is much greater than any thought or feeling.

About Experiences And What Can be Learnt

There is a Spirit inside of you watching out for you and taking care of you, no matter what. Something that looks like your greatest catastrophe is really your greatest blessing, because it will lift you into the next level of awareness. 
So when things happen that may seem unfair at first glance, look for the loving lesson underneath. If you can't see it there, put it there yourself so that you see everything that happens to you through the eyes of loving.

One of the precepts in MSIA is "use everything for your upliftment, growth, and learning." Most of us want to get out of our hard times as quickly as possible, and we will do all we can to change things. And what if they do not change? Rather than going into discouragement or any other form of contraction, change your attitude and, if you have not done it already, ask yourself, "What can I learn from this?"
You may be in a situation because you still have to internalize it more and allow it to shake things loose inside of you, until you finally say, "I don't need this anymore. I'm free of it." Then the challenging experience, the stumbling block, becomes positive as you use it as a stepping-stone. It may also be that you are clearing karma or learning something so that when someone else tells you about a similar situation they are in, you will have empathy and maybe even some ideas to share about how you got through it.

Control, Love and Loving

What we are in control of is what's inside us. We can't change someone else's mind, but we can change our own in an instant.

If you are feeling angry, I would sacrifice the anger on the altar of love. Transmute the energy from anger to love. I wouldn't get rid of the anger energy -- just change it into love energy. So as much anger as you had before, you've now got that much more love to share. 
But I'd get a dose of that love for myself first. I'd make sure that all the cells of my body are feeling that loving and that caring and that nurturing because I'm living in there, and I want that body to serve as the temple of the Spirit in the best way possible.

You should never look for perfection in marriage. Marriage is not perfect, although hopefully, it's moving that way. In the meantime, it's sandpapering. It's getting the diamond out of the rough, polishing it, and putting it in a beautiful setting. But you don't have to use blacksmith's tools to do it. You don't have to chip or cut or hit. You just smoothly sandpaper. You can do it over a period of time. Sometimes the journey is more fun than getting there. 

We can't make someone love us, but we can always choose to be loving. 
Instead of attempting to control things outside ourselves, we can turn our attention to the bigger game, the Game of Love.
- John-Roger with Paul Kaye

Some Spiritual Guidelines

Guidelines have been presented by the spiritual teachers of all the ages, guidelines for living your life in your own spiritual consciousness, free of suffering. These guidelines help you handle yourself in this world. Not handling this world well does not stop your spiritual growth, but you'll be happier if you are handling it well.So if you want to be happier, it is your responsibility to learn those things that make it easier to live a successful, uplifting life here.

So many people want to know why we are here. If the answer lay in the mind, the engineers would have figured it out and would be our spiritual leaders. If having power in the world was the answer, then the politicians would be our enlightened guides. If the answer is found in fame and glamour, then our celebrities would offer us much more than publicity and good looks.
Our true leaders are those who look at life in a radically different way. They know that love is the radical solution. It's radical because most of us don't approach life that way. For the most part, we approach life reactively, trying to control rather than letting go.
The answer is that out of God come all things, that God loves all of its creation, and that not one Soul will be lost. This is the context for living a life without fear or worry. As you integrate these truths into yourself, you will let go and relax into the arms of the Beloved.
- John-Roger with Paul Kaye

Concept of The Light

Light is a concept that permeates all religions, most philosophies, and several sciences (quantum physics is based upon it). Stated simply, light is the energy that permeates all things. In the spiritual context, we refer to it as "the Light.")
This Light responds to human thought and, more importantly, the intention of the heart.
One of the greatest gifts we can give is to "send the Light."
We can send Light, either to ourselves or to others, by saying or thinking, "I ask that the Light be sent to (person's name) for their highest good and the highest good of all concerned." That's all there is to it. 
That's sending the Light.
We add "for the highest good of all concerned" to keep our personal wants and desires (what we think is best) out of the situation. (As inconceivable as it may seem to our ego, we may not always know what's best for all people in all situations.) We send the Light "for the highest good of all concerned" so that in case our thoughts on how something should be happen to be slightly inaccurate, the highest good will nonetheless take place.
Sending Light for the highest good of all concerned allows us to relax. We can trust that whatever happens after sending the Light for the highest good of all concerned is for the highest good of all concerned. We need not feverishly manipulate the outcome to be whatever we think best.
- John-Roger with Paul Kaye

It is not necessary to delve into everything in your life and try to figure out where it came from, why it is present, and so on. You do not have to ferret out each example of ego, doubt, lack, fear, or any other expression you see as negative. Instead, in the moment of realizing it, you can accept it, forgive yourself for judging yourself for that expression, and move to loving. When you do that, you flood yourself with the Light and love of your own being-ness, and in that loving, all is forgiven. 
This does take discipline, and you can do it. It is a matter of choosing -- again and again and again -- to love yourself. You do deserve your own love.

Living In The Now

Right now is all that really exists for us in our lives. If you begin with what's true for you in this moment and work with that and don't focus on negative things in the past which have "gone wrong," you may find that things will begin clearing.

At some point in our evolution (spiritual, moral, financial, etc.), we must become more responsible, conscious, directed Hu-man beings. We must consciously take direction and control of our lives. 
We must consciously watch what we put in our mouths. We must consciously monitor the words that come out of our mouths. 
We must consciously watch what we think about and the energy that we put into our thoughts. We must consciously watch the things that we allow to cycle and recycle through our minds.

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"Your gift from God is your potential – Your gift to God is to use it."


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