Story from F.M, NSW

My 500km journey over the Great Dividing Range from the west was nothing compared to the journey I went on when I got to Corokai! I explored parts of my life that I never thought I was game to acknowledge... and I did it in an environment of much love, warmth and understanding.... with your guidance, and the positive group energy radiated from our ‘togetherness’ for those four days. Thank you Sandy for ‘sharing’ and for ‘caring.’ I am indeed blessed to have been chosen to realise my journey simply from meeting you.

I shall write to you again in a few weeks to let you know of my journey’s highlights, as I am now still in a ‘reflective’ mode since CHI last week... however, let me share with you just one amazing little event that has occurred to me since then. You may recall that my long-term goal is to ‘play the piano brilliantly’ — in my goal book I listed all the steps I need to take to achieve that goal, but overlooked the most important initial step of all: get the old piano tuned! (It hasn’t been tuned for over 30 years although it is in very good condition otherwise.) I arrived home from Corokai midday Monday, only to find that I had a phone message from a man in Inverell. I had only met this man once, a year ago, after Mass one Sunday, and in my five minute conversation with him told him I enjoyed his key-board playing in the church. His message for me last Monday was that he was a piano tuner; he would be in the area on Wednesday, and would I like my piano tuned! Wow — talk about positive energy vibes all the way from Corokai to Inverell. By Wednesday afternoon he had knocked all the dust out of the old piano, tuned it up and then tickled the ivories late into the evening with me playing ‘chop-sticks’ on the bass notes. What an ‘emotional anchor’ feeling that was!

My ‘book goal’ is making timely progress, as planned, after contacting the printers in Brisbane, and a wonderful cartoonist to illustrate the poems for me (I have had him in mind for the past year to illustrate for me and now he has agreed.)

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