Fear Overcoming

Story from P.S

I am very excited about it and practice going to my P.P heaps of times, listen to Infinite Joy and do the left/right brain and lazy 8 exercises, etc.  These have helped me cope in a particularly stressful time.   Recently, the opportunity came for a 10 day holiday in Perth with my husband.

It helped me greatly to program myself for 10 days before the flight, using my Anchor, telling myself that “I’d love to fly and see the world and that I have a great sense of adventure”.  On my Perth trip, I felt a great sense of adventure everywhere we went, and it was a really happy and fun time for me.

One particular challenge I faces was a 1.5 hour walk through Warren Caves, a long way underground.   I felt very much not like tackling this one – but knowing I had such a powerful tool with me – my ANCHOR – my great sense of adventure, I spent a couple of hours before going through the caves telling myself continuously “I love going through caves and have a great sense of adventure”.  I was extremely edgy when I first started in the caves – I kept using my Anchor and taking deep breaths.  Eventually I felt reasonably relaxed and was so pleased that I had faced the challenge and won .

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