Story from B.W. Tas

      At first I only practised the techniques occasionally but after being diagnosed with an over active thyroid, I became much more serious about it. My GP was constantly surprised that I was so well in spite of my serious condition. He acknowledged that the meditation must have been the reason.
       At the same time as I was given iodine to stabilise my thyroid, I reported a lump in my breast.
       My meditation helped me to approach the diagnostic surgery very calmly. Even so it was a great shock when my surgeon told me it was cancer. He explained two different possible operations and it was to be MY decision which option to take. This put a very great pressure on me. (I believe this is partly to protect the surgeon.) I decided I would make my decision in meditation.
       On the Sunday afternoon we had returned home from a very enjoyable Bbq with friends. I put on a warm coat and took a long slow walk around my large garden. I felt I wanted to enjoy the beauty of the many trees and shrubs that I have grown. Then I went to the spot that I have chosen for my Peaceful Place and sat on a rock.
       That late afternoon it was truly a “Magic Place”. The rays of light that I usually visualise were actually shining through the broken clouds and the leaves of the two tall eucalypts nearby. My meditation was very deep and the big decision was easy – I would have a full mastectomy and hopefully no need for follow up radiotherapy or chemotherapy.
       After this meditation experience, I felt incredibly happy, relaxed, and at peace with myself and those around me. My cancer was giving me some sort of celebration of my life –  like a new awakening. I had a wonderful new energy flowing which was to help me through my operation.

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