Story from H.R.  Qld.

     It was great to meet you and hear you at Hervey Bay last Sunday and to put a person to the voice I have been hearing on tape for more than three years now. You asked if I could send you my version of the imagery I used when battling an aggressive prostate cancer which ( I'm told) is now in remission. I had to travel to Nambour (two hours away) each week for ten weeks to have radiology four and five days a week, so with little to do around each ten minute session I had time to meditate and develop the imagery. My Peaceful Place was at a beach I went to as a child, and where I took my children and near where I now live. But it was difficult to build it up at first until I actually went to the actual beach and took in all the sights, smells, noises and experiences. (We live near the beach but rarely go near it -- a quandary of retirement).
     In the course of meditation I developed three images concentrating on the cancer. The first was that when radiation began I envisioned (as I lay face down on the table under the linear accelerator) the actual beams hitting the walnut sized gland and shrinking it as the big machine hummed. When I meditated at other times I pictured the cancer on the gland actually turning brown and dying--a bit like a drying shrinking walnut. I eventually timed this to occur with the Great Light that enveloped me as the finale to the rainbow imagery, picturing it homing in on that troublesome gland. Then I would walk slowly around my P.P. until  I got to the water's edge with small waves lapping it--and one day I came across (in my mind) a dying crab being washed with the gentle waves--up on the beach and then back to the water. Each day it got weaker until it was lifeless--the Crab is Dead. This happened over a few weeks and in the end I felt confident enough to try to picture some movement - some life in the crab - but I couldn't. It was becoming an empty shell and gradually disappeared.
     I rarely go back to it but I do occasionally use the White Light to zap my prostate gland, just in case. My other imagery which I still use was to have my body flooded with small white bubble like objects which course through every part searching for similar ones that are black--they bounce against the black ones which burst and disappear. This is akin to your imagery of white corpuscles etc. Time will tell what all this does but I do believe that it helped my treatment. At the very least it gave me some weapons of my own to fight with. I hope that this wordy explanation adds to your knowledge and perhaps might help someone else who hears those awful words: "You've got cancer and I'm afraid it's an aggressive one". 

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