Meditation - usefulness

Story from D.H.  NSW

I've been meaning to write for ages to say thank you for your course.  I did the seminar a while ago with the aim of learning to relax and find more joy in life.  It certainly has helped me, but I'm finding it is a slow process to change my thinking to be more positive, accepting, spontaneous, confident ... there are so many aspects of my life that I want to improve.  Also there is the practical side of fitting the meditation into my daily routine.  Sometimes I just use the CDs to help me fall asleep at night - not an active meditation then!  Probably my most useful meditations were just before I started teaching a University Course recently.  I prepared the whole course outline as I meditated.  I felt so relaxed and confident, knowing that I had developed a good plan for the 14 weeks.  Many of the students told me they enjoyed my course too.  Now I'm preparing a high school dinner dance.  Some aspects of the night's program have been worrying me.  This morning on the train I meditated and came up with some new ideas for getting the program sorted out.  Meditation is so good for clear thinking.  I heard you talking about forgiving being helpful for the forgiver.  Thanks for sharing that idea on TV.  Best Wishes.

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