Smoking - Quiting & better health

Story from S.J. Vic

At 67 years of age I was worried that smoking was too deeply entrenched to ever give it up.  Yet I was also worried about what lay ahead for me if I continued to smoke as I was starting to get feelings of possible emphysema - shortness of breath, inability to walk very far, a hacking cough.  After going to Sandy's seminar it was just the impetus I needed.  He very kindly made a tape for me (which eventually became his PP CD 21 - Quit Smoking) - so I was the first "guinea pig" if you like.  Well I was absolutely thrilled.  I started to reduce my cigarette intake immediately and yet I still enjoyed smoking.  But the worry about deteriorating health also spurred me on and the meditation and visualisation made it that much easier.  All up it took me about six months to completely quit and I have never looked back.  I could now walk further with my dog and the cough eventually disappeared.  It was a brilliant way to put it all behind me, now with a new, healthy lease on life.
Note from Sandy:  Fifteen years later this lady was still fit and healthy and smoke-free.

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