Peaceful Place

Story from  E.E. NZ

     Dear Sandy - You did a seminar many years ago in Wellington and I bought the tapes and a book for my daughter. She taught herself to find her peaceful place and she's used it ever since and so have I.
     A couple of years ago you came again and we were both extremely pleased to meet you at a seminar and we both bought tapes and books.
     We've been dealing with abusive patterns of behaviour which go back many generations.
     I am so overwhelmed at times that I forget my PP and when I consciously remember to do it things improve. And sometimes when I look back over the day and sort out what got me through it, I realise it's the PP kicking in of its own accord somehow. I learn't it well but I need to apply it more often.
     I do want to thank you for your dedication to sharing your experiences and learning with all of us and I hope to do more seminars with you either in Australia or in New Zealand in the future.

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