Seminar Book and Tape Testimonies

Story from W.M, NSW

We greatly appreciated you coming to Picton recently to present your extremely stimulating seminar. Over the past week some of the participants have rung in with encouraging feedback on the content and application of technique covered by you in this one day seminar. This has led me to ponder the value of a follow up questionnaire to gauge response.

For instance, D.A spoke of how she had been able to help her son visualise a cross country race he was to take part in a couple of days after the seminar. She said they visualised his participation from start to finish, through various stages, culminating in visualising him coming in first. He had never won a race before, but on the day won this one convincingly. One very happy boy! She resides in the Southern Highlands and I believe her sons attend Tudor House. She expressed an interest in a special seminar for children as she thought it would be of great benefit to them - perhaps you would be interested in following up on that suggestion. Also, Y.R commented on how helpful you had been to her and how much she appreciated the time you spent with her.

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