Peaceful Place

Story from M.C, SA

I had a car accident 2 days ago, and although there was a great deal of damage to mine as well as two other cars involved, myself and 2 of my children were not seriously hurt. However, I have whiplash and dizziness etc. and still a bit shaky occasionally. We were hit very hard from the rear at an intersection, by a drunk driver, who pushed me into oncoming traffic, where I was also hit on my (drivers) side. At that instant I made a conscious effort to remain calm. Within minutes of it happening, I kept thinking about what you taught at your seminar when you told us about your son blocking out pain from an injury he received. I tried to go to my peaceful place to avoid going into shock. Although I don't practice these techniques any where near as much as I should, I was thankful to know how to, when I need to. Because there was a bit of commotion, and police and ambulance etc. on the scene, I found it a bit difficult to go to my PP, but I think that, although I felt very shaky, I still managed to minimise the shock by focussing on what I had learnt - I kept visualising sitting in that room listening to you, and was working hard on keeping myself calm. In the 48 hours since the accident, I seem to get the shakes again every time I talk about it or think about it, and a couple of times have gone to my PP - sometimes only for a few seconds.

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