Peaceful Place

Story from C.K, NSW

It has been almost a month since I took your seminar — it was so interesting and I thoroughly enjoyed it! I practise Alpha every day and am quite good at it now. I can go to my PP in seconds.

Well I would like to tell you about my experience during the after-Xmas sale. I went to my nearest major shopping centre only for a pair of shoes for my son as he couldn’t find what he wanted at the nearby shopping centre. He needed them for a camp starting the next day. Everybody seemed to be going to Westfield and we got caught in a horrific traffic jam on the way. It took us more than one hour to get there (it normally only takes 15 minutes). I practised Alpha in the traffic jam and asked my son to tell me when I had to move. I practised twice on the way. Once we got there it was so crowded that I would have been stressed out if I hadn’t practised PP. People were rude to each other, but I was so calm imagining all those lights were protecting me from the chaos. Thank you for teaching me those precious skills.

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