How do I handle exam stress?

How do I handle exam stress

The main way is to physically see yourself going through this test or exam inside your mind. See how well you are doing it, feel good about it, even look at the mark that you're going to obtain. Just notice all that and then emotionalise it. When you actually do the exam your subconscious mind has done it so often before that it's a habit. What has happened is that you have extended your comfort zone to include the exam. You are really utilising the fact that the subconscious mind does not know the difference between imagination and reality. If you feel uptight before an exam another thing to do is to breathe. Just take a deep breath because when you take a deep breath you're letting oxygen in and you will relax. Also remember throughout the year when you're learning the information, it helps to study in Alpha. You can also do the meditation PP11 - Achieving in Exams and Effective Study.

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