What Does Creating Happiness Intentionally Mean?


I encourage people to revise their Life’s Purpose at least every year. Our own growth does not stand still as evidenced by the achievement of any goal (which by its very definition sets one off in a slightly or hugely different direction).

 And remember, a paramount thing to do, when you have achieved a goal is to set another one. Why? To keep the positive momentum going forward towards Happiness. That’s right Happiness comes from the journey towards the goal. Of course you celebrate the achievement of a goal but to keep the constant movement forward towards achieving Happiness then you must set another one.

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Who Creates Your Happiness?

So a good question is always “who creates your Happiness”? You do! Science has proven that happiness comes from the journey towards the goal!

Of the seminars that I conducted the most decisive was the CHI Seminar – Creating Happiness Intentionally Seminar. This was a 5 day live-in seminar where the participants participated 24 hours a day (yes they did sleep but I’m sure they were still “processing” in their dreams) and finished off with a Life’s Purpose Statement which was derived from all the goals that were to be achieved in the next 5 years, including some goals which we called ‘maintenance goals’ being those which had been achieved and were still required – an example could be maintaining fitness by going to the gym 3 days a week.

So how do you know you have the right goals? Determining that, was one of the main aims of the 5 Day CHI Seminar. A good guide can be gained by reading my book Creating Happiness Intentionally  and a number of exercises are described on my website at http://lifepurpose.com.au/ (please know that I have retired and I don’t conduct Seminars any more).

Your Life’s Purpose Now

The focus on the last day of the CHI Seminar was to come up with a statement which included all the goals you wish to achieve and maintain, which I called “Your life’s Purpose Statement”. This Life’s Purpose was unique to each participant and would be a daily reminder of all the goals to be worked on and achieved in the next – say 5 years. Because Goals are achieved or adjusted then the word “Now” was added – My Life’s Purpose Now. To help us on this journey each participant made a Mosaic of their Life’s Purpose Now and this included a representation of every goal that needed to be achieved. Can you imagine the strength gained by looking at a picture of your Life’s Purpose Now every day? 

My Life’s Purpose Now

In each CHI Seminar I shared my Life’s Purpose Now – the one from Jan 2009 was “I am Sandy.  I am a healthy and caring person, living in comfortable abundance and prosperity in a place of my choosing as a loving husband, father and grandfather. Every day I work towards and gain spiritual alignment. I enjoy overseas and local holidays with my Family. I provide leadership world-wide in the personal development field. I head a successful and profitable organisation, enjoying the support of a Team of ICCCs who work with me to teach all sectors about the awareness of the power within and how to tap that power.  This is done through the internet, seminars and talks - supported by best selling books, CDs & DVDs. I develop an investment of 8 units to be held in trust for my extended family. I constantly contribute to a world whereby people take personal responsibility for their actions thereby leading to Individual, Community and World Peace.

As you can imagine I have changed my Life’s Purpose Now. I am not doing Seminars anymore and I know of several people who are teaching only part of my Seminars that include Peaceful Place, Active Meditation and some of the Student techniques for easier and faster learning. I still have a great yearning for mankind to “learn about the awareness of the power within and how to tap that power”.

My Continued Contribution

To this end I have produced some “How To Guides” on Managing Stress, Overcoming Depression, Controlling Pain, Healing Yourself and Meditation. Within each one of these guides is the track “Building Your Peaceful Place” and within the Healing Yourself is the 22 minute video from Leap Of Faith which is mainly the work of Dr Bernie Siegel who was the pioneer of healing with guided imagery.

Now I am contributing to “Achieving My Life’s Purpose” by placing on my website 6 Free Videos teaching “The Deliberate Use Of The Subconscious Mind” for you to use and to tell others about. Be sure to read all the writing on the page with the 6th Video – it’s about additional gifts.

So, enjoy using and sharing the videos and perhaps  learn even more about the “Deliberate Use Of The Subconscious Mind”.

All the best

Sandy MacGregor

"Your gift from God is your potential – Your gift to God is to use it."


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