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I contend that any spiritual search for God that happens anywhere in humanity, no matter what might be the religious framework of that search, is a search for the same thing that everybody else is looking for. This applies whether we want to reach out for God or whether we want to simply wait for God. It also applies if we believe that God is within us all.

 In my early childhood in India I was brought up as a Protestant but was also exposed to quite a variety of ideas as to the image of God. When I was 12 years old I was walking with my father one Monday morning in Tasmania. On Sunday night the rest of the family had been to Church, that is, all except Dad, who seldom went to church. I rather think though, that Dad was more spiritual than all the rest of us put together.

I said to Dad, “Dad we had a lesson last night which said that the only people that can be saved are Christians and what's worrying me is all the other people in India – Buddhists, Hindus and Mohammedans, how can they be wrong? How can the little child who is born into a Hindu family be totally wrong as far as God is concerned?” Dad said, “They're not Chum.” He said, “The God that they worship is the same God that you worship and it's all the same force.” That's had an effect on me.

I have often been asked – “Am I a Christian”, “Do I believe in God”, “What do I think of Jesus”, “Do I believe in only one God”, “Do I believe in being re-embodied”, “Do I believe in reincarnation” ….. and more.

I ‘found’ MSIA after I did the series of Insight Seminars – I (which I did in 1984) II, III, and IV (which I did in 1987/88 after the death of my daughters). During Insight IV I joined MSIA so that I could attend a talk given by John-Roger (J-R) in Los Angeles in 1988.

This was the most fortuitous thing I have ever done in my life.

From the BOOKLET “An Introduction To Soul Transcendence”

On Page 1 it says

Come in. Listen to the Teachings.
Do not believe or disbelieve. Just Listen.
See what works for you. Start working with it
And see what happens. If it is not for you,
You will find out pretty fast."

On Page 2 it says

THE PURPOSE OF MSIA is to teach Soul Transcendence, which is becoming aware of yourself as a Soul and as one with God, not as a theory but as a living reality.

When I joined I didn’t even know what Soul Trancendence meant!

MSIA doesn’t have a special building. It has monthly discourses and there are Home Seminars on various topics. After two years one can apply to be an Initiate and later one can apply for Ordination. Now I meditate with Spiritual Exercises for 2 hours each day and listen to an audio once a month. One can choose to watch seminars, attend Peace Awareness Trainings (PAT), attend Annual Conference and I do attend Spiritual meeting once a month conducted by a member of MSIA who is elected annually.

The only way I recovered so positively after the death of my daughters was because of Insight Seminars, Meditation and MSIA. I have taught many people components of what MSIA teaches (without ‘pushing’ MSIA itself) mainly because of the very practical teachings that one can include in daily life.

I also receive daily a "Loving Each Day" email which anyone can receive via the MSIA website -  or 

I have given links below to many of the teachings I have used in my seminars, and very recently I extracted from my videoed seminars several short video extracts which I have placed on YouTube.

Articles written as my Mind Matters News

Unconditional Love 

Acceptance and Letting Go 

Towards Spiritual Meditation  Including Soul, God, Analogies, SEs, The Light

Spirituality  An Interview of me by David Busch On My Thoughts 

Aspects of Forgiveness 

Self Forgiveness 

Inner Peace and Harmony 


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Active Meditation 
Unconditional Love  

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Active Meditation 
Unconditional Love 

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There are 8 short videos which are extracts from my seminares which is mostly information I have learnt from MSIA.

The Importance of "Letting Go" This Video is about Sandy's experience learning about the importance of 'Letting Go' his daughters after their death.

Spiritual Exercises and going to God This video explains how one can be pro-active by doing Spiritual Exercises (SEs) which result in 'Going To God'

The Spiritual Light Quoting the book 'You Can't Afford The Luxury Of A Negative Thought' about many Religions, Poets, Authors and more who 'use' the Light.

Two Useful Metaphors and Love These two Metaphors (which I later referred to as analogies in subsequent Seminars) really helped me to understand Unconditional Love - that component of one that is joined to you.

What is the name of Energy in the Body? This is a useful Video talking about a scientific approach to life's energy and what we call it when we are physically dead.

How do you tell when you are in the Meditation State? There are many ways of physically knowing when you reach the Meditation State - that is the Theta State. This video shows you how you know.

Using Colours to take you to the Meditation State Colour Vibrates and even if you can't feel it - your body can. You can use it!

You use thoughts in meditation to achieve To drop the mind and make it empty is very challenging and of course not useful when you want to achieve something - like weight release, or Letting Go Anger and much more.

So, if you can find the time I’m sure you'll find these links interesting and possibly useful to listen to.  I hope you enjoy the practical journey.

All the best

Sandy MacGregor

"Your gift from God is your potential – Your gift to God is to use it."


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