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Background In March 2009 I visited 3 Combat Engineer Regiment (3 CER) to talk about mental toughness or in other words Resilience. The soldiers had endured hardships of lack of food, little sleep, strenuous exercise and were wet and uncomfortable over the 5 day exercise. The Commanding Officer, Lt Col Hoskin was aware of my personal experiences of using my mental powers to assist me in overcoming tragedy and my current public work with the subconscious mind – CALM Pty Ltd (at ).

 At the time Major Aaron Cox was a US Army Exchange Officer attached to 3 CER. He attended the presentation titled “Mental Toughness” that I delivered. Subsequently Maj Cox was posted as Executive Officer of the Special Troops Battalion of 173rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne) based in Italy. This Brigade was the one I served with in Vietnam in 1965.

The US Army Current Training Directive  includes an emphasis on the “Ready and Resilient Campaign”.  I was invited to be part of the training of 173rd Infantry Brigade Combat Team (Airborne) based in Italy, talking about Resilience (was much the same topic as for 3 CER). The US Army website states “Individual resilience can be built, maintained, and strengthened when viewed as an enduring concept and acquired through regular training” and it says that resilience is “The mental, physical, emotional, and behavioural ability to face and cope with adversity, adapt to change, recover, learn and grow from setbacks.”

More Recent Events

During a recent discussion I was questioned about what I had done in Italy and asked if there was a Corporate application for Resilience. My answer was that I have no doubt there is and in any event any presentation would be really interesting.

This conversation led me to preparing a presentation for a Corporation which was videoed. The quality of the video unfortunately is not good however the content is.

I have edited the videos and thought that I would present them to you for viewing in any spare time you have.  I must apologise up front about the way my voice is and the swelling on my face. I was attacked by 6 bees only 3 days before the presentation and I am allergic to bees (my fault entirely – I keep bees and went up to the bees without my protective suit on).

My favourite part of the videos is the last part - Resilience: Part 4 Sandy's Story and the Power You Have – 14 Minutes. This has all the major components of the Science of Using the Subconscious Mind – which as you know is what I love teaching about.

Here are the links to the Videos

You will notice that the Tunnels Documentary – which you may have seen – is also included.

Resilience Part – 1 History of Searching Tunnels and Tunnels of CU CHI – 32 Minutes

Resilience Part 2 – Searching the Tunnels of CU CHI – 16 Minutes 

Documentary – Tunnel Rats – Vietnam by Chris Masters20 Minutes

Resilience Part 3 – Sapper (SPR) story and Examples of Resilience – 17 Minutes

Resilience Part 4 – Sandy's Story and the Power You Have – 14 Minutes 

So John, enjoy the content. Remember that I have all my Seminars on DVDs except the “Creating Happiness Intentionally” 4 Day Live In, which is still conducted in Sydney – it really is great. For details look immediately below. It covers all the other seminars and more, being focussed on Your Life’s Purpose.

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"Your gift from God is your potential – Your gift to God is to use it.

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Success Story

I have been blessed for many years to have the benefit of attending  seminars with you many years ago, have my original Peaceful Place books etc and for a long time have used with great success Peaceful Place Series No 4 Healing Yourself .
I have had for quite a number of years chronic and life threatening illness. With Sandy's help I have made my way through many crisis with positive results, often amazing doctors, friends and family. Over the years I have purchased new CDs when I've worn others out. W.K. SA


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