Mantra Meditation and Anxiety Reduction by a Guest Contributor - Ryan Rivera


Most people are familiar with at least some form of mantra meditation. Mantras are single syllable sounds that you hold for an extended period of time while performing the meditation breathing, and relaxation techniques. "Om" is perhaps the most well known, but some also use "Ah" or a related sound depending on their practices.

 Mantra meditation is one of the most common forms of experiencing spiritual and emotional fulfillment. [Have a look at Sandy's Spiritual Meditation CD or Download]. Many people find that these mantras put them in a state of relaxation that they struggle to achieve anywhere else. That's why many people choose mantra meditation as a way to relieve anxiety.


Why Mantras May Be Useful for Anxiety

 Mantra meditation is not the only type of meditation, and the mantras themselves (Om, Ah, etc.) are one of the key differences between that style of meditation and others. While other forms of meditation can be highly successful at relieving anxiety, the mantras may add some particular psychological benefits that could have a powerful effect on your coping and relaxation ability, even beyond the spiritual component to these mantras. Some of these benefits may include: 

• Mental Distraction

One of the main issues with anxiety [see Sandy's CD18 Overcoming Worry and Anxiousness - and the download] is that it can overwhelm your thoughts, and it may be hard to block out those thoughts when they seem to persist in your mind. But these mantras act as a mental distraction, essentially replacing these thoughts with calming tones. When you can get some freedom from these thoughts through these mantras, you'll often find that they have less power over your mind and body.

 • White Noise

 Similarly, the mantras act as a type of white noise, and the mind finds white noise relaxing. When you meditate, your mind and body are generally relaxing. When you can add a white noise that is calming, you are giving yourself a better opportunity to find stress relief and get your body closer to a stage of rest where it will feel at its calmest.
• Vibrations

 Mantras also create soothing vibrations in the throat and skull. Vibrations have the ability to put your body in a state of relaxation. It is why many people find it easy to sleep in a car, despite the car moving over rough terrain. The vibrations of the ground calm the mind. Mantra vibrations tend to have a very similar effect, and because the vibrations are shallow there is little risk of a serious bump that would wake you out of this state of relaxation.

• Blocking Out Distracting Noise

 There are very few places in this world that are quiet enough for silent meditation, and for those new to meditation that noise can be a serious distraction. Mantras allow you to drown out that noise and focus on your meditation instead, giving you temporary relief from the sounds around you. 

• Focus on Breathing

Finally, the distractions around you can make it hard to perform the slow, deep breaths necessary for meditation to work effectively. But when you perform mantras, the mantras themselves force you to breathe slowly, which in turn will calm your mind and body. Other meditation techniques have valuable breathing patterns, but those patterns may take more training and can be disrupted by the world around you. Mantras force that style of breathing even in those new to meditation, making them a useful tool for learning to relax.


Benefits of Mantras on Stress and Anxiety

Mantras are just one of many effective meditation styles that can be used to cure anxiety, and mantras themselves are not necessarily designed to be a relaxation strategy. Indeed, they're actually meant for a far more spiritual purpose. But there are psychological reasons to believe that mantras may have additional benefits for anxiety beyond the spiritual component, and could be a great way to improve your coping ability.

About the Author: Ryan Rivera is an anxiety help specialist who focuses on anxiety and natural cures like meditation. He writes about anxiety at

 I thought the above Report by a Guest Contributor may be of interest.

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