Creating Happiness Intentionally


I first met Sandy in early 1994 shortly after the murder of my son Michael. I was in the depths of depression, angry at the world and had revenge as a focus. I approached him knowing that with the murder of his three daughters, he had experienced what I was going through.

Sandy began to bring some sense to my life to the point where I was prepared to participate in his CALM LIFE SKILLS Seminar. What a profound positive difference this made to my life.

Sandy has worked with tens of thousands of people, mostly Australian, some of whom faced an enormous range of trials, difficulties and challenges. This has put him in a position to observe closely the strengths and weaknesses of people in all walks of life and recognise the points of character typifying those who are happy and those who are not.

Since 1990 Sandy has conducted seminars Australia wide and some overseas. He is a man who walks his talk and demonstrates how he values the individual. In this way he is able to give his best to each person by keeping his seminar groups small.

Inspired by his personal mission to help others, Sandy has established an impeccable track record and his reputation is widely recognised by professors, psychiatrists, psychologists, general practitioners and counsellors who have referred people to him and his seminars.
An extraordinary man whose aim is to empower others.

Well Sandy has done it again. At the end of a decade of tireless work in the public arena he has produced his fifth book – “Creating Happiness Intentionally” – CHI. He has chosen to pass on the methods, exercises, techniques and tools from his CHI Seminar, without barrier and without reserve.

The reader will find the book a generous work of human sharing. It deals with:–
• An approach to finding life’s purpose
• A method to identify those things which propel you to your life’s purpose
• Ways to resolve the tension between your life’s purpose and everyday life
• Techniques to keep you on track
• Stress management
• Creating harmony and happiness in your life.
Do you want the most out of your life? The information in Sandy's book will empower you to do just that.

It’s a must read and do for all – from students, business people to pensioners – it’s never too early or too late to demonstrate your own power by enhancing happiness in your life.

Remember – be ready at any moment to give up what you are for who you can become.

Take care,
Ken B Marslew


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