Controlling Migraines


Chronic headaches and/or migraines can be for some people one of the most debilitating illness to experience.

For others, they are a constant disturbance to their quality of life. There is now scientific proof that we have the potential to use our mind to control migraines. Studies of the mind/body connection and of the power of the body's intention to heal itself are revolutionising approaches to healing.

The Mind and Body Are Not Separate

Biochemists, physiologists and psychologists have discovered that our bodies express themselves as either thoughts or molecules. For instance, the feeling of fear can be described as an abstract feeling or a tangible molecule such as adrenaline. Without the feeling there is no hormone and without the hormone there is no feeling. In the same way there can be no pain without the nerve signals to transmit the pain and no relief of pain without endorphins which block the pain reception. This is a major discovery - every thought produces a chemical in the body.

The Power Of Suggestion

Another scientific discovery was the placebo effect or dummy drug. Studies have shown that by giving patients a sugar pill and telling them it is a strong pain killer, 30% of them will experience relief as though it were the real pain killer. What has been concluded from this is that although the sugar pill itself is meaningless, it forms a suggestion which is converted into the body's intention to heal itself. The body is capable of producing any biochemical response once the mind gives the body the appropriate suggestion. Therefore why not skip the sugar pill and focus directly on the body's intention?

With the focusing of intention through attention you can convert the body's automatic processes into conscious ones, and reprogram them through simple mind/body exercises. Our past intentions may have created obsolete or inappropriate programs that either seem to control us or are no longer serving us in a purposeful way.

In the Life Skills Seminar we can teach you how to control physical pain by teaching and practising four important skills:

  1. The ability to relax and release the pain response
  2. The ability to consciously develop your power of intention for healing
  3. The ability to develop focused concentration
  4. The ability to develop mind/body exercises to control migraines

You May Ask "How Effective Are These Techniques?"

How about I let a seminar participant explain that to you?

Joan & Peter Terrell On hearing a radio interview where Sandy related his experience and knowledge of the application of "the power of the subconscious mind", I felt an overwhelming desire to attend his seminar to thoroughly check his claims. I had suffered a 20 year affliction of migraine and the condition was worsening, possibly due to my job as a charge nurse in the ever increasing busy hospital environment. Migraines always occurred on "days of rest" following a week of hell-bent speed. Never mind about my "never again" attitude to stress seminars, due to complete failure, as I rushed off and purchased a copy of Sandy's book; a best seller called Piece of Mind. With this knowledge, I attended his seminar, even though my success rate at these was zero, so far.

Day two of the seminar - "day of rest". Before lunch I experienced the well known migraine aura, which indicated 40 minutes to prepare for an elongated stint in the darkness of the bedroom. Panic! Followed by .... why am I here? Working quietly alone, ignoring all seminar activity, I succeeded in ridding myself of the pain and sickness, using Sandy's technique to direct and focus the power of the subconscious mind. I was then able to continue with the seminar. I had never managed this before!

It is now more than two years since this moment and I am very happy to say that I have managed to repeat this performance almost every time that I have been faced with the migraines aura. At times, I have woken from a sleep to discover a migraine in full swing with little hope of a "quick fix". This has been due to my own self-neglect where I have skipped my simple daily meditation exercises with a "she'll be right attitude". It took me little time to realise that the use of this skill is vital to the human desire of achievement and quality of life.

I wish others with chronic conditions such as I, every success in accessing the power within them, using Sandy MacGregor's techniques.

Joan Terrell (pictured with her husband Peter), VIC


So What is the Next Action Step that You Can Take?

CALM makes suggestions on how you can develop your skills in dealing with Controlling Migraines using Sandy MacGregor's low cost Tapes, Books, CDs, Videos and Seminars which have been utilised by thousands of people successfully since 1990.


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