Overcoming Depression

Story from S.W

I have been in a devastating situation, or to put it mildly have been in the depths of despair.  However, I am now turning things around and getting back to my former self and feeling confident to get on with life again.  Thank you Sandy - you have taken me from feeling worthless to becoming 110% human again!  I go to my PP 50 times every morning (about 1 hour) and one day I lost my PP totally.  I started to see my PP filled up with a radiating white glowing light and now I can no longer see my PP - only light.  However I am not worried about this as I know it is there, along with that feeling that defies logical explanation.

Today I have started to set goals again but this time I'm doing it your way and it's working!  I have read many books and attended many seminars dealing with goals and self help but none of them speak about the How and Why as your books and tapes do, taking you through the necessary procedures to achieve goals and more importantly get rid of stress on the way.

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