Story from K.G. WA

I attended a Life Skills Seminar which you gave here in Perth and found it very helpful in allowing me to cope with life.  Not that I had to endure anything big time, just the usual stressed out husband, boisterous kids and cyclical bills.  Then, this time last year I received a shock, my latest pap smear was irregular, I had to see a gynaecologist immediately!

Sure enough, he could see a distinct patch of irregular tissue on my cervix and a small biopsy showed pre-cancerous cells.  I was booked in for surgery in six seeks.  That gave me time to phone for Sandy's Healing Meditation CD, which I received almost instantly, and to go into a strict routine of healing meditations three times a day.  I knew I could remove this thing from my body and during my meditations I could see the doctor visiting me after the operation and telling me that he had not had to do anything because "it" was all gone.

A few weeks later I had the standard post-op check and I sensed that the specialist was uncomfortable.  His unease increased when I asked him how big the "spot" was when he operated.  Shifting in his chair he said, "Well, actually the area had spontaneously healed itself and there was no evidence of the irregular cells.  However, just to be sure I incised the area anyway."

Restraining myself from leaning across the man's desk and throttling him, I instead went for a few moments to my Peaceful Place and thanked my spirit helper.  Twelve months later I am still all clear and of course will remain so!

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