Story from M.M.  Vic

      Firstly I would like to thank you for the brilliant CHI Workshop.  I cannot believe the difference and what I achieved as a consequence of your guidance.  I have purposely waited a few weeks to let you know, as I wanted to let life return to its normal patterns.  I have finally been able to meditate re the not-so-good things I need to sort out.  I guess up until now I have kept meditation as a nice visual and therefore rather superficial.  Time is my biggest problem but am managing Peaceful Place and an hours meditation most days - am working on increasing that to more time.
      The CDs are fantastic although very challenging.  The biggest thing I need to work on is not to sabotage my goals and potential achievement levels as I almost achieve them.  Believe me that is hard to control but am having some little successes.
      My other problem - the one I spoke to you about - has been resolved with a lot of help from  the power of positive visualisation - I'll keep working on that.
      I can now see myself in a more positive light and have a much better picture about setting goals, as now I believe that I deserve them. 
      Thank you again and best wishes.

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