Pain and forgiveness

Story from L.J.  SA

Firstly I would like to thank you for providing a place for growth and understanding to develop in your seminar. I really enjoyed those two days. When I went into the releasing hurt meditation during the seminar I did not have very strong impressions when I asked the hurt what it was trying to tell me, other than that I would receive answers and everything was going to be alright. After the seminar my husband and I discussed what we were going to do to be able to benefit in an ongoing way from the things that we had learned. We had decided that we would get up half an hour earlier every morning and share a time of meditation together. We also decided that we would study your book "Switch on to Your Inner Strength" every evening together. On the Monday morning, true to our promise, we arose the half hour earlier and put on a meditation tape. I decided to do a releasing hurt meditation - I had wonderful results. Firstly I was taught about forgiveness. I was told that there was no hurt, pain or loss left when forgiveness is complete. That the pain that I was feeling and the hurt of that pain was the result of the grief that I felt in the loss of an important relationship. I was told that we all have sinned in some way and that it was only in the degree of pain that we cause that our sins differed. Forgiveness is the ability to take the hurt of the sin and cast it "into the light" - this was the way that it was expressed to me. I was told that I need do no other thing than forgive. When I am home I have two tiny bowls in the kitchen in which I have placed 20 tiny white buttons. After I have gone to my PP I take a button from one bowl and put it into the other, then I set the timer on my oven so that I will be reminded when I will next go there. Thank you again Sandy for the work that you do. The world is a much better place because of people like you. You have been through so much but your hurt was not in vain, nor did your daughters leave this world for no reason.

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