Story from J.T.  NSW

     Since using your techniques I have made a "career move".  I am no longer the harassed mother at the supermarket, come on you've all seen me! I am now the assertive, positive listener, creating a happy environment. My new career has taken on a new dimension, I am the "Supermum" I want to be, not the one  society expects me to be. I am now responding to my inner needs and expectations not society's - mine are realistic goals set by me - I can only succeed.
     Primarily we teach by our actions, not words; by using the relaxation methods I am enriching my life and the lives of my children. I have come to realise how powerful positive parenting can be. My goal was so high it wasn't immediately evident. I didn't even think I had one, but it was sitting there waiting for me to grow into it. With the help of your seminar I have made my first step towards that goal by helping my children be at peace with themselves and each other. Imagine if we could create a generation, a world, to become at peace with themselves and each other, and we are all capable of that, now that's an incredibly powerful thought. My latest emotion of joy is now locked into my subconscious when my 3 year old son said: "Mummy I like you!" I felt a great peace spread through me, suddenly I knew I already had what I was looking for and with my new found positive approach I could really start to enjoy it.

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