Peaceful Place

Story from W.C.  NSW

Before my Mum died she told me 2 things about her PP.  Incidentally, she had to learn PP from your book as she was never well enough to attend a seminar, so the book must be very good.  I don't think she even used a tape!  When she was still at home, in the last few weeks, she used to wake up overwhelmed with terror.  She said the only thing that helped was to go straight to her PP and the fear would vanish.  In the last days before she died, she suffered a massive brain haemorrhage.  After that she couldn't read her Bible any more (and it had been a great comfort to her for weeks) or even remember the words to The Lord's Prayer (due to the damage caused by the haemorrhage).  But without effort she could instantly find her PP and this is where she spent her last days.  She told me this the day she died.  I know Mum was helped enormously, not just at the end, but through the whole last year of her cancer, by PP.  The chemo staff and her doctors could not explain her survival for so long, nor could they explain how she recovered from the brain haemorrhage enough to regain consciousness, let alone to recognise us and talk to us.  Who can say what role PP played in this.  Thank you from her and me for sharing PP with other people.  Imagine how strong PP must be if it survives such massive brain damage.  It is obviously not stored in the same place as memories, or reading.  I wonder where it is?  (PS. People will start to think you pay me for these success stories! - This is my second!).

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