Mind Charting

 Story from E.D.  NSW

     I'd like to thank you for introducing me to my Peaceful Place where I've learnt so much about myself.  I still have a long way to go but I'm determined to achieve my goals which you have helped me set. As a chronic migraine sufferer the seminar was valuable in helping me to control them. I'm proud to say I have taken only 1/3 of  the painkillers I used to and I hope to stop altogether.
Just recently I had my exams and particularly Biology in which I received 91%. In regards to the Mind Charting and picturing myself with a high result in Biology, I can honestly say that this is all I used to get 91%. As proof to myself I refused to use any other method. This is evidence to me that the knowledge I have gained will allow me to achieve whatever I set my mind to. The most outstanding for me is my English - I moved up 20 ranks!
The mind is a powerful thing and I thank you Sandy for teaching me this. I realise now it is up to me to achieve my goals, like finishing the HSC with the best possible TER I can receive. Thank you once again for bringing a change, a positive change into my life which I will never forget.

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