Fear of Flying

Story from R.F.  WA


     I would fly when necessary but that was only a few times. I have no desire to go on holidays, just the thought of going into a travel agent would frighten me. My husband was taking holidays with friends - I was glad to drop him off at the airport - as long as I didn't have to get on that 'thing'!

     I enrolled in a Fear of Flying course which enabled me to find out more about the mechanics of the plane and learned some relaxation methods. I even took a flight after that (flying high on scotch and coke) resulting in the flight attendant asking me to keep my voice down as people were trying to sleep, plus a few days of 'jetlag' or was it 'hangover'. Then there was the agony of knowing I had to get back on that 'thing' again to come home. Another time I took sleeping pills …. They had the reverse effect …. I was wide awake glued to my seat, knuckles white clutching the arm rests for four and a half hours, watching every move the flight attendants made.  I lost two days either side of my trip because I had to get some sleep.

     Last year my sister told me about the book "Piece of Mind", so I read it, then she informed me that Sandy was coming to Perth. I attended his seminar and decided that I had nothing to lose. I practised my Peaceful Place every chance I got and listened to the 'Overcoming Fear' tape at least once a day. I have taken 3 trips since then, which means I've been on a plane six times in a period of 6 months. I now have many more goals to achieve.

     Thank you Sandy for passing on a positive and encouraging way of life.

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