Story from I.S.  NSW

     My husband and I attended your Port Macquarie seminar some months ago and I would like to thank you for helping me in overcoming some anxieties I had about travelling overseas.  On one hand I have been excited about travelling through many different countries and spending much quality time with my husband and three children, and on the other hand I felt I was being held back by my fear about plane travelling and our safety while we are away.  I listened very closely to your calming, inspiring words and purchased one of your meditation CDs to take home (Overcoming Fear).  Each and every day since then, I have scheduled time into my day to meditate, guided by your CD, and within a very short time I noticed a calmness with in myself and a decrease in my anxiety about travelling.  I look forward to my mediation time each day and have noticed a considerable difference in how I feel in general.  Being anxious and fearful is so debilitating and consuming, I now feel so much lighter and freer to think about other more positive things. Thank you  so much, I am so thrilled with you program that whenever the opportunity presents itself, I spread the word.  Our world needs more people like you.  I look forward to catching up with you again at another one of your wonderful seminars in the future.

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