Meditation for sleep, etc.

Story from K.B.  Qld.

     My cycle of insomnia began in 1968, following divorce, and having to surrender my four-year-old son to his father. What followed was an endless treadmill of visits to doctors, therapists, hypnotists, relaxation classes, yoga, then the advent of medication — which I took to with great reluctance, and alcohol which I took to with great enthusiasm. I seriously considered a witch-doctor, however none were listed in the Yellow Pages.
     On the recommendation of a close friend, I attended the CALM seminar in Brisbane. At last a 27 year cycle — which doctors vowed would stay with me forever — was finally and permanently broken.
     This seminar was by no means a temporary fix. I am still experiencing normal sleep patterns 17 months down the track.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Sandy for restoring me to normality, and now to my astonishment, I am even civil to people in the mornings!

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