Health and healing

Story from K.J.  NSW

I am still reaping the benefits of the CALM Life Skills Seminar.  I'm not in a habit yet of meditating on a daily basis, however I do get withdrawal symptoms if I leave it too long without meditating which is great.  It prompts me to make a meeting with my subconscious a priority for that day, and it always reveals something important that I need to know.  It also calms me and helps me to feel centred and blessed.  I will get better at making it a regular event in my day, I know this. One delightful success I've found with my Peaceful Place is in managing pain.  I have a food allergy and despite my best efforts it occasionally passes by the gatekeeper and I am quite ill the following day.  One symptom is acute headache that doesn't respond to anything except visiting my Peaceful Place.  When I do, the pain subsides noticeably and I spend the time directing healing energy to my body, particularly the parts most affected by the reaction.  The pain relief is wonderful as well as the fact that I feel I am doing something to help heal my digestive system.  So once again, thank you for what you do Sandy, it is a gift that you give to others and I spread the word as much as I can.

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