Pain - handling

Here is another success story from Jack from Victoria, who has now moved on from this world.

When I was conducting a seminar in Melbourne some years ago now, one participant, Jack who was 71 years old was there and his loud voice boomed out: “This stuff doesn't work, what are you talking about, I didn't come here for this.” He stood up a few times and said this sort of thing so I asked him “Hey Jack why are you here?” He said “I'm here for pain. I've had prostate pain for 18 months and that's what I've come for.” I told him that I would be speaking about that the next day. So the next day after we did the pain meditation Jack stood up even before I was able to take control again and he boomed as he walked to the centre of the floor: “Well I've got an announcement to make. For the first time in 18 months I've got no pain.” Absolutely amazing, Jack was as happy as a lark and he took notice of the rest of the seminar. Another thing that happened was that Jack went to his doctor about a month after the first seminar and asked his doctor to take his pulse rate, which the doctor did. Then Jack asked him to take it again and this time the doctor said it was lower. He also did this with his blood pressure. The doctor was amazed and asked him what he was doing. Jack told him - the doctor thought it was great and now there are no more prescriptions! When Jack came back to do the seminar with his wife he shared all this with us and the fact that he had also taught his wife how to get rid of migraines – thanks for sharing this Jack!

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