Negativity - overcoming

Here is a wonderful story about Cathy which really illustrates releasing hurt using the power of pretence when tapping your Inner Strength – or, if you like – illustrates the fact that the subconscious mind does not know the difference between imagination or reality. Just pretending something will work is enough – contrary to many peoples' opinion – you do not have to believe that the techniques work, just pretend that they work to have it work in your life. Cathy has been an inspiration to many people suffering from depression. Thanks Cathy for letting me share your inner strength.

       Cathy attended the seminar and told me that she had not come for herself but had come totally for her mother who was so ill that she was unable to attend herself. At the end of the seminar I asked her how things were and she told me she didn't care what happened to her, even if a truck ran over her on the way home. She told me she had clinical depression and she was stuck with it. She had come here only to see what she could do for her mother, who had cancer. When she got home she started to teach her mother what to do and what she had learnt.
       Very soon after that Catherine had to have a mammogram and the result wasn't good. She was told she had a big lump in her left breast and had to go into hospital in three days time.
       She asked if it would hurt because she had a low pain tolerance and feared pain. They said it would. She would have to have a wire inserted into the breast, to the lump, without anaesthetic so that the doctor could follow it to the lump. The wire had to penetrate about three centimetres. Once the lump was located Cathy would receive an anaesthetic. She thought she may as well try the Peaceful Place method – even though she didn't believe it would work for her. She had nothing to lose.
       For the next few days, a hundred times each day, she visualised that the wire was inserted easily and painlessly, just like a spoon into yoghurt and affirmed “this feels great”. She imagined the lump was cut out painlessly, with a successful outcome. After she had done the visualisation for about a day she thought, “I know what I'm going to do. I'm going to put all my sadness, pain, injustice, anger and bitterness that led to my depression, into this lump and as the lump gets cut out it's going to free me of all my depression and I'm going to feel absolutely fantastic.”
       So it all happened as she visualised. It was not, however, until the wire was painlessly inserted did Catherine actually believe. BUT, before that moment, she pretended really well. When the wire was inserted it didn't hurt at all and the lump turned out to be benign.
       Not only that, but she came to another one of my seminars after that. She was a different woman, glowing, happy, the depression completely gone! She said, “I've been diagnosed as having clinical depression for years, but now it's worked so well for me. I know how powerful it is and I'm working with the Peaceful Place techniques all the time. It's just a question of attitude and how you talk to yourself.”

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