Helping others

Story from  T.M. Qld

I did your course  about 3 years ago now. I had one of my staff come too, a young lass. She benefited enormously from the course at the time, but then "things" ie. boyfriend on drugs, intervened. She was a recovering addict when she came to work for me, and she came sooooo far, but relapsed quickly under the wrong influence. She has since been to gaol and is now in a drug rehabilitation program. I am hoping that I can get her back on track with your free E-book which I have downloaded and printed off. So, they are much appreciated by me, and I thank you for your generosity in supplying them. I also had one of my tenants (I am a real estate agent) killed in a horrific car smash a few days ago. A beautiful (in every sense of the word) young lass of 25. I know her Mum, siblings, cousins and grandparents. They are all very shaken by the event - as are my staff. So I thought it very timely that your email came through with the E-book on "Addressing Trauma and Grief and Loss" on Friday. So, once again a very heartfelt "thank you" to you. I bless the day you became part of my life. Through you, I have been able to help so many people, or maybe it is a case of through me, you can help even more.

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