Negative experiences - handling and working through

Story from Name & Location withheld

My parents divorced when I was 2 and during school holidays I would stay with my father who used to molest me. This happened throughout my childhood until I stopped going to visit him and chose to stay away. I never told anybody as I felt too confused and  ashamed.  I married at 27 and when I was 30 my grandmother visited from overseas and talked a lot about my dad.  This must have acted as a trigger and after she left I told my mother what had happened and to my amazement she didn't believe me and told me never to speak of it again.  Although they had been divorced for many years, she couldn't cope.  For the next 5 years I was so angry with her and did everything possible to punish her and push her away.  I finally realised that by carrying this resentment towards her it was locking me into a negative state and I was losing too.  So I worked through all of that, forgave her, and felt more at peace with my past.  Coming to your seminar helped me to discover and unlock some of the obstacles that were lurking within me unexpressed.

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