Anxiety about flying

Story from D.S. NSW

Yes I have  a success story that I am happy to share.  I came to one of your seminars in Port Macquarie a couple of years ago with my husband, which we both thoroughly enjoyed and for us it reinforced the messages in your book, (which we had purchased many years ago) and has become a bible for us.  I was interested in working on my peaceful place meditation as a way of overcoming my anxiety and fear of flying, as our family had an 8 week overseas holiday planned in 6 months time, and I was already feeling the fear of getting on the plane. I had worked out that we would be boarding 9 flights during our overseas trip. I purchased your CD for meditation practice on fear/anxiety.  Each and every day I listened to this CD and practised the meditation.  After approximately 2-3 weeks I could feel a shift in my anxiety about flying.  I noticed that whenever I thought of the trip I was becoming less and less fearful of it and actually started to look forward to it.  I really got into the meditation, gaining a sense of smell, feel, emotion and calm.  When the day came that  we were to board our first flight, I was not at all concerned with the flight and got caught up in the shared excitement of our future journey.  Each and every flight I boarded during my trip was the same, I felt relaxed and excited about the next leg of our journey.  The exercise of imagining that I was on the plane, smelling it , feeling it, seeing all of the other people and so on, somehow gave me a sense of familiarity the more I practised the meditation.  I realised that myfears were quite irrational as they were not founded on anything.  I have applied this meditation to other little anxieties that may creep into my thoughts and find the meditation extremely effective.  The 'peaceful place' component of the meditation is a strategy/tool/skill I use almost daily.  I love it.  It provides me with the silence to escape the internal chatter that tries to persist in controlling my thoughts. That too has reduced considerably with ongoing meditation, and an inner state of just being and accepting is most prominent for me now. Thank you Sandy

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