Peaceful Place

Story from Fitri, Indonesia

  My name's Fitri from Indonesia. I'm a reader of your book 'Piece of Mind'. I know about your book from 'Quantum Ikhlas'. From the first time I read your book, I really like it, and then I decided to try your peaceful place method, I bought Peaceful Place Series CD for practice. Gladly I don't have any difficulties when doing this, I see my peaceful place easily. After several weeks practice actually I didn't really see the benefits although I love the feeling when I feel relax and happy there. And then one day, I feel so difficult to fall asleep, I use it, and it works! I can sleep just in few minutes. And then I use it again in different occasion, especially when I'm not feeling good because of some reasons (i.e disappointed, fed up) and WOW! It change my mood, my feeling instantly, I love it! As for me this is the benefit that I feel very useful in my life so far. I usually need to clear about my feeling first before go to peaceful place, and when I do both of these, the benefits become extra! I feel my problems suddenly disappear nowhere, like nothing happen, I become calm and objective seeing everything. And now I intended to use it in many others area in my life. I'm sure I'll get lots more benefit.
  Anyway, I just want to say my deeply thank you for sharing this method. Many blessings to you and your family. May peace and happiness always be with you.

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