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Story from  P.E. NSW

I was a single parent working mother of two sons when I returned to University to gain degrees in psychology;  it had  been over 30 years since I had studied.  I had bought Sandy's Students Steps to Success CDs,  and  would listen to them every night before I went to bed with headphones. Thanks to discovering Sandy's CDs my self confidence levels increased and my ability to relax and actually enjoy studying increased. Yes, that is right! I ENJOYED studying.  How is that possible? Learning to build and "get into" my peaceful place within seconds played a major role in overcoming test anxiety and developing effective study techniques.  Without question Sandy's study and exam techniques are profoundly invaluable and empowering!
I would visualise the grades I was aiming for and  see hear and see feel how the outcome would be after I had achieved the exam results. I was actually EXCITED when I entered the exam room for the first time -confident that I had retained all the information I had learned by using the techniques on the CDs.  Prior to using Sandy's CDs my confidence was at an all time low and I suffered exam anxiety. Not this time! ... I walked into that exam room smiling and felt somewhat apart from others who were looking nervous, walking to my desk. When it was time to turn over the exam paper in preparation to begin the exam I actually SMILED! Previously taking this approach prior to an exam was not something that would fit for me. Smiling turning over an exam paper!  But yes, smile I did and didn't I feel good –   I even found myself saying "The exam is easy -- it is as though I wrote it myself"... as Sandy suggests on his CD. 

Student's Steps to Success enabled me to relax in 30 seconds flat and to understand the power of the subconscious mind in retaining information and accessing it at the right time ..... The subconscious mind is a vast storehouse!   I would set myself goals and achieve them without stress knowing that my confidence was growing and stress was going and most of all to love myself. Unconditional love is a major factor without a doubt. Self confident, thanks to discovering your CDs Sandy back then I breezed through my study and exams.  Getting into my peaceful place in the exam room helped me beyond measure.  With deep gratitude. 

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