Life changing

Story from  D.B. Vic

It is now over a year since I graduated from CHI. Life has been steadily changing, or possibly rather my view of the world is changing, which I am sure is due to going to Peaceful Place nearly every day for 30 – 60 minutes, which can occasionally lead to such a deep sense of peace, that I do not wish to return.
Thanks to you Sandy, I now have a tool kit upon which I can draw as I need, and apply within PP. Each month, and sometimes each week, often brings new insights, as my perspective lifts to higher planes.
I will always remember the time, when moving along my imaginary walkway, (stainless steel steps, with shiny hand rails) that I thought I would pass my fingers over the door pillars as I entered my PP. The new sense of being there, amazed me. Just one small change took me to an even deeper level of understanding, and confidence. Confidence that I could make a decision to test one small change, with such big impact.
That is the beauty of this journey we are on, it is OK to try, to test, and see what happens. For our PP, is “Our own” PP , we can make it anything we like, make adjustments as we wish, and sense what happens.
With more exploration, I have found from my early days of graduating from CHI, a tool that I tested on my flight home from Sydney – still a sceptic I guess, I still had to prove to myself the power of what our mind can do.
Anyway, on the flight home, late Sunday evening, with no one either side of me, I went to my PP, and thought I would envisage white pigeons flying towards me, initially one, then two, and 3 etc , and as I did this, saying to myself: “I love to go deeper, and deeper, deeper and deeper”. To my amazement I arrived at my 6th pigeon  and I suddenly realised my breathing was so shallow, so slow, that I was initially shocked, even scared that I could do this and achieve such a peaceful state, that my breathing had reduced to a level never experienced by me before.
So you guessed it, on the windows of my PP, I now have one pigeon on the first, two on the second , all the way to 5 on the 5th window sill. All are anchors for me going deeper and deeper.
Another change I found enormously helpful, and a nice way to remember the Special People that have been brought my way; as I walk step by step to my PP, going deeper, and deeper, every step of the way, I arrive at the door to my PP and I always remove my shoes/foot wear. I see people who throughout my life that have been Special people to me - generally limited to 3 – 4 on each occasion and I hug each of them.
Also sometimes I let my mind bring in whoever it chooses, and sometimes I purposefully allow in those whom I have perceived as having harmed me. I also hug them, and express my gratitude, for teaching me what I needed to learn at the time.
I find this process a nice way to daily experience unconditional love, forgiveness and gratitude, as I am reminded of those Special People, including those whom I have perhaps almost  forgotten, and some whom I have viewed with displeasure.
And affirmations too, I have tried these for many years in the hope that they would work, but could not feel any change within … until Sandy taught us the structure of the ideal affirmation. Must be personal, present tense, positive and have emotion (I hope I have them all Sandy).
Well, I am a jogger, and still sceptical of affirmations, but having experienced Sandy’s PP, I thought ‘Well let’s try this while jogging, and see what happens” (I can feel the shivers up my spine now as I write this …wow) …. Well , whilst jogging about 6 months ago, I thought I will try saying this, over and over, with each step. Here is what I said, and found after 15 minutes an emerging energy, not speed, not a rush, just an emerging change. A feeling that I could just now keep going, on and on.
This is all I said: “I love my increasing stamina every step of the way” …
I kept on with this, with faith, over and over, every step of the way; nearly entering a meditative state.
The lift in my energy was definitely noticeable, my jogging became easier, and easier.
I have certainly noticed changes in my life and the first one that comes to mind, for which I am most grateful, involves one of my teenage daughters (my wife and I have 4 children, including teenage triplets). Three years ago, we were in the midst of a nasty chain of events, such as the collapse of 4 businesses (25 years work) with over 400 staff, personal debts of over $18M , Managing Director committing suicide at 53, my brother suffering a massive stroke (and me becoming his carer), my sister dying of cancer, and many trusted relationships, all dying and fading away. My value system, and beliefs were tested to the core.
All these events I believe led me to not making the wisest of choices in handling my eldest daughter’s teenage years, and I felt our relationship to be very strained, and even to a degree I would say, estranged . That weighed very heavily on my soul.
So PP to the rescue, over many months, each morning, at 5.30 am I would go to my PP, using the principles from Sandy’s CD on Unconditional Love, and the White-Light of the Divine. I would watch this white light come towards me, like a liquid white light, in tubular shape, soft, transparent, and warm; coming from the very heart of the Divine, sitting to my right in my PP … a white-light of unconditional love, passing from my mind down my right arm, my left, then my abdomen, and legs, every cell, sinew, muscle and bone, all changing to a glowing white light. Sometimes warm, sometimes tingling, and always there. This I would then see travel down the hallway of our home to each of our 4 children, to their beds, to my wife, all turning white, from head to toe, and to my daughter from whom I was feeling estranged; she was always first; seeing her body engulfed by the warmth, and protection; head to toe, glowing, basking in the unconditional love of the Divine. I prayed for her care and protection.
I can now testify, over many months, my behaviour changed. The answers I got to the question of “What shall I do”, was … just love her, love her, love her. How shall I love her? Communicate with her, show her you care. Just communicate with her.
Well I can thankfully testify, our relationship is back on track, special, open, free of spirit and of good humour. I hear that little voice every so often ... communicate with her, love her. Extraordinary.
But why did this occur ? I am an engineer by qualification, and have no way of explaining this in any analytical way, but I do know, I have changed. My view of her, her world, my world, and other’s worlds – all changed. Changed for the better.
PP has helped me to move to a higher plane, a higher perspective, and to experience the fruits of the Divine’s Unconditional love, and unconditional forgiveness.
And you know … although I’m not the first to realise and say it … the more I know, the more I find I don’t know and the more I have to learn.
Thanks Sandy for teaching me the tools , and your patient , caring and loving teaching.
For you, your teachings, and your willingness to share, I will be forever grateful.
May the Divine continue to touch others through you, helping them to discover inner peace as their lives unfold as they should, for the highest good of all concerned.

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