Grief - overcoming

Story from B.B.  NSW 

Hi Sandy - Being at my PP involves the warmth of the sun's rays through my body.  That feeling was the signal of arriving at the Alpha point.  It is now becoming a source of healing. Grief can be a confronting and lonely place.  Going to my PP has reminded me of the person I have lost, where emotions have overwhelmed me and I sob ... again.  However I've discovered that quick trips to my PP through the course of the day, feeling the sun's warmth, is like having a small drink of water after an anaesthesia.  Not only does it offer a sense of relief to a difficult reality, but the sips are getting more frequent and longer, without the accompanying guilt for wanting to feel better, and without the urge to cry.  I'm beginning to find a reassurance in my PP,  moments of peace, moments of warmth, of comfort, of healing,  - my Peaceful Place

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