Claustrophobia & Depression

Story from C.J. NSW

Hello Sandy,
Just a short note to share some of the success I have enjoyed using my PP, since attending the CHI seminar.
1. Recently, I developed a malignant cancer on the nose which had to be removed.  This procedure was done while I was still awake and it was a real test for me given that I am claustrophobic.  I had the Doctor and nurse crowding  over the top of me, which made me feel decidedly uncomfortable before one of them suddenly put a heavy cover over my face with just an area for the nose cut out.  I felt completely trapped.  But quite incredibly, before I went into panic mode (as I formerly would), I was able to instantly go to my PP and totally ignore what was going on about me.
2. I have been on anti-depressants for about 3 years.  Before I attended the CHI course I was taking 150 mg a day.  This was halved to 75mg in January, the Doctor then reduced this to 37.5mg a day and finally to nil 6 weeks ago.  This is all thanks to the calmness I have been able to achieve through the use of the PP.
3. Your whole meditation process has given me such great awareness of how relaxed a mind can be.  I am now able to pick up much earlier when things are not what they should be.  Generally, when the mind appears to be racing, (as it was last week) I realise I have become a little slack and not visited my PP for a couple of days.  It's a place I want to ensure I visit every day.
To summarise, I must say the CHI seminar that I attended was the best money I have ever invested.
Keep up the good work, Sandy
Kind regards 

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