Story from Y.M

Last year I entered the Society of Women Writers Short Story Competition on a Biography or Autobiography of an Australian woman’s way of life. I wrote about my last 30 days in South Vietnam in 1968 which were traumatic to me personally.

Anyway, I was advised by phone I had been short-listed with 9 others.

For the next 10 days I imagined I could walk freely from the station (previously I had been getting a taxi once I got off the train, due to RA affecting my feet). I then imagined myself in the usually crowded room, sitting with people I wished to be with (one never knows who will be turning up when.) Listening to Judges comments, and then making my way to the rostrum to collect the award. I imagined I would be asked to read the story.

All this happened as I imagined. What I didn’t imagine or make allowances for was the emotional tears and quivering — the highs and sometimes a few lows which were quickly filled with helium to get back up there again. Oh what a feeling!

At the present time I’m short-listed for the Henry Lawson Short Story Competition.

As I look at the crowded mantelpiece in our lounge room I imagine everything has disappeared into space and the bronze Henry Lawson Statue has emerged, to sit in pride of place. Best wishes and thank you.

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