Students Success Stories

Story from M.L, Vic

A couple of days ago I got my Semester 1 Results (including exam results) back. I thought I’d send you a copy to just prove that your book really works. My Mum started crying when she read my results sheets and my Dad was very pleased and happy that all my hard work, had finally paid off. Dad even took the sheet to work and photocopied it 10 times!

I must admit that in the last weeks of the Semester I lost my Peaceful Place and I also forgot that there was a whole section in your book that was on achieving good exam results. When I have my next exams, I will remember to read it.

I remember that last year when I was sitting a test, I sat at the front of the classroom all nervous and shaking. Then I remembered my Peaceful Place and I went to it. I will never forget that feeling of calmness and happiness all through my body — it certainly was a great feeling to know that you’re all relaxed and ready to go. Unfortunately, I can never get back to that state again.

On these holidays, I tried to do your book again. I played the PP tape (about creating it) and I said to myself. ‘I’ll go there every day twenty times.’ I did it the first two days, but then I forgot all about it. When I really need to go to my Peaceful Place, like when I’m trying to sleep it’s not there.

I also re-read your whole book again and learnt some new things like ‘tomorrow never comes’ and to trick your sub-conscious mind. To be honest with you, I think I did half the book and then I just read the other half. I’m very slack these holidays.

I really like the ideas in your book. It really helps me. I recently read another book on ‘things to do and things not to do in life.” One of the tips was ‘one day, try and be nice to everyone for 24 hours and bite your tongue if you’re going to say something not nice.’ I’m trying it today and I think it’s only ‘half working.’

Thanks again for your phone call. I’m going to try and go to my Peaceful Place twenty times a day, starting now!

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