Students Success Stories

Story from J.T

If you think you are beaten you are

If you think you dare not

you don't

If you like to win but think

you can't

It's almost sure you won't

If you think that you'll lose you've lost

For out in the world you'll find Success begins with a fellow's will

It's all in the state of mind.

J.T started the speech that she gave recently with the above piece.  She went on to tell how in Year 12 she had been told to drop every "superfluous" activity and focus completely on study.  She gave up public speaking, trips to the gym, singing - all the things she really enjoyed doing.  Her life took a nose dive - she started neglecting her body by overeating, not exercising, not meditating, the time she sat in her room to study she was not studying at all .... It got to the stage where I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.  I had done Sandy's CALM  Seminar so I did have some information for self-help in my head and I also had a great deal of pressure surrounding me that I gave in to because I did not have complete control over where I was going.  What I needed to know was how to maximise the use of meditation.  It was at this low point that I contacted Sandy, asking him if he could throw some light on the situation ... I desperately needed help if I was to survive the HSC.   Sandy helped me to regain some balance in my life and I resumed some of the things I loved to do.  The important factors in allowing me to survive the exams and assessment periods during my HSC were the methods I have been taught at Sandy's seminars.  Also reading "Student's Steps to Success" pointed out a few elements of study and taking care of yourself in simple enough language I believe nearly any HSC student could benefit from it.  Knowing what most students go through during year 12, I believe that reading this book is a big plus.  I also used the methods set out in Sandy's tape "Achieving in Exams" to prepare myself before, after and during the exam.

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